The spectrum

Photo by Adam Kring

How should we live?

Should we aimlessly, impulsively, wander the earth with our days merely a compilation of random events dictated by base-level drivers?

Should we eliminate the spontaneousness and casualness from life through rigid, repetitive schedules and daily rituals? Or can we utilize the benefits of structure, schedules, and focus, and at the same time, embrace the beauty and power of fluidity and serendipity?

We can make a plan and still be willing and able to flex it for the right reasons. In addition, we can deliberately insert randomness and unpredictability into our schedule to shake things up and avoid the painful demise that comes with a stale life and a stale mind.

There may be times we need to move to either end of the extremes for short periods to achieve specific goals.  But as with most things, the answer we seek is not found at the extremes.  It is found by traveling across the spectrum until we find that sweet spot, and even then, that sweet spot will change as we progress through the journey.