Artist showcase (10/21): The Pretty Reckless

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The Pretty Reckless is a four-piece American rock band consisting of Taylor Momsen (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Ben Phillips (lead guitar, backing vocals), Mark Damon (bass), and Jamie Perkins (drums).  The band’s sound has been described as hard rock, alt-rock, and post-grunge.

Featured Track: Only Love Can Save Me Now (feat. Matt Cameron & Kim Thayil)

Their debut studio album, Light Me Up, was released in 2010, featuring the hit single, Make Me Wanna Die.  The band followed this up with Going to Hell, their second studio album, in 2014. The album debuted and peaked at number five on the Billboard 200 chart. The band made history as the first female-fronted band to achieve two number one hits on the US Mainstream Rock chart (Heaven Knows and Fucked Up World).  They later added to this achievement when they released the final album single, Follow Me Down, which also hit number one. 

In 2016, the band released Who You Selling For, their third studio album that included Take Me Down, their fourth single to hit number one on the US Mainstream Rock Chart.  Then in 2021, their fourth studio album, Death by Rock and Roll, was released, and yet again, the band landed atop the same chart with their lead single and title track, Death by Rock and Roll. To date the album has since produced two more tracks to hit number one, And So It Went featuring Tom Morello, and Only Love Can Save Me Now featuring Matt Cameron and Kim Thayil.

AM Essentials 001: The Pretty Reckless (10/21 Artist Showcase Playlist)

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