Will Alex Ovechkin catch Wayne Gretzky?

Photo by Klim Musalimov

“Trying to gauge whether Alex Ovechkin will pass Wayne Gretzky for the NHL’s all-time goals record involves pinning down a number of moving targets and providing answers to mostly unanswerable questions. And while the easy answer is simply “It’s too early to tell,” that’s also not any fun.”

Jackie Spiegel

While Wayne Gretzky is still at the top of the charts for having the most goals in the history of the NHL, could there be a possible dethroning on the horizon? Alex Ovechkin’s talent has been undeniable since his NHL debut in the 2005-06 season, winning the Calder Trophy in his rookie year and winning the Rocket Richard Trophy nine times. Ovechkin kicked off this season being 164 goals behind Gretzky’s 28-year lead, and with what we’ve seen from Alexander the Great in the last 15 years, the race is certainly on.

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