5 activities that prevent cognitive decline

Cognitive health, or the ability to think, learn, and remember well, is crucial in everyday function. Something as basic as communicating with another person, paying attention, or remembering information involves different types of cognitive processes that occur unconsciously.

Carla Delgado

Cognitive decline is when a person has difficulty concentrating, remembering, decision making, or learning new things. This negatively affects a person’s everyday life and can range in severity. In her article, Carla Delgado breaks down five activities that will prevent cognitive decline. 

  1. Language Learning: Learning a new language stimulates the brain and requires effort and dedication mentally.
  2. Meditation: Practicing meditation can enhance the ability to concentrate.
  3. Physical Activity: Physical activity can improve memory retention. When engaging in physical activity, the hippocampus (the part of the brain that forms and stores memories) increases in size.
  4. Leisure Reading: Reading is a cognitive process that keeps the brain stimulated.
  5. Social Activity: Being socially active delays memory loss and improves cognitive function.